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Version 2.2

2.2 Updates [25/03/2011]

- Added current standings to display as ranks
- Teams that win against a higher ranked team move up the ladder
- Teams that lose against a lower ranked team are bumped down one position on the ladder
- Teams that win against a lower ranked team stay where they are
- New teams are given a rank when they're created
- Changed upcoming matches to sort by date
- Couple of minor bug fixes

2.1 Updates [19/03/2011]

- Added database table for ladder settings with Minimum Player, Maximum Player, Banlist and Locations
- Added column for location defaulting to AEST
- Added location select menu to 'Create a Team' page
- Added location select menu to 'Team Settings' page

2.0 Updates [18/03/2011]

- Logins stored as cookies
- Massive code/security upgrade required for future design update
- Cronjobs for daily database backups
- Pre-game Smack Talk / Rant Boards open for all users
- Minimum member requirement for challenging
- 48 hour challenge freeze upon losing a match
- Bug fixes for 3rd map preference by defending team


- Facilitate exchange between teams before results for challenges and scores are recorded
- Challenge format changing to Map 1 (Challenger), Map 2 (Defender), Map 3 (Random)
- Confirmation of scores by both teams
- Design update
- Add team logo and clan tag options
- Lock 'Join Team' when team is challenging/defending
- Create team mailing list for communication within a team
- Add email form for communication between team admins and ladder admins
- Add subscribe to 'Smack Talk' for email notifications of new posts
- Timezone support based on team location
- Update new player registration backend
- Ladder admin interface for resetting passwords, adjusting scores, contacting team admins etc

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