Tribes 1 Ladder v2.2




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Ladder Format:

- Matches will consist of two maps randomly picked from the pool
- If a TB (tie-breaker) map is needed, the map will be chosen by the defending team
- The "defending" team has choice of sides for the first two maps
- The attacking team has choice of the side for the TB map (if needed)
- If the TB map ends in a draw, the map will be restarted for "golden cap" (next cap wins)
- Maps will be 25 minutes long
- Matches will be 5 vs 5
- Matches will be LT maps only


- Teams may attack another team and set a match date to play
- Teams must make the match date public
- A team cannot deny a challenge. If they do, it will be a forfeit
- Teams may choose to play in Game Arena Tribes #1 (AUS) or The Community (US)
- Captains will need to speak to the ladder admins for the map picks


- The minimum amount of players on a team allowed is 5
- The maximum amount of players on a team allowed is 12
- Teams may be mixed with any AUS/US/Euro players


- Players will not be allowed to use any form of cheating in the ladder
- If a player is caught cheating, they will be permanently banned from the ladder
- Excuses will not be tolerated

List of cheats:

- Perm iffs (of any kind)
- Superhudbot
- No-fog
- Happyflag


- Teams MUST record and upload a demo for each map played
- If players do not meet this requirement, they will be suspended from the next match
- If the same player deny's this AGAIN, they will be suspended for the next 3 matches
- If the player violates this for the third time, they will be banned from the ladder without hesitation
- Excuses will not be tolerated


- Teams are able to substitute players IN-BETWEEN maps
- Teams won't be able to sub players while the map is being played
- If a player drops due to connection issues (etc), teams may put their substitute in
- If a player re-joins mid-map after dropping due to connection issues (etc), teams may swap him back in

Map pool:

- BastardForgeLT
- CanyonCrusadeDeluxeLT
- DangerousCrossingLT
- EmeraldValleyLT
- HildebrandLT
- IceRidgeLT
- LotusLT
- MidnightMayhemLT
- RaindanceLT
- RhaskicLT
- SimoomLT
- SpinCycleLT
- StarFallLT
- StoneHengeLT

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